Get Outside to Spark Your Business Creativity: Try Shooting a Recurve Bow

recurvebowsIn today’s world of business where there are a lot of competition existing in the market and lots more that are upcoming, most businessmen can barely catch a break to brainstorm and come up with something that will keep his business primed and ready for competitors and most especially for their customers. Some resort to brainstorming with others involved in the company, but some take brainstorming to a whole new level where they go out and shoot recurve bows. It is known that archery can be relaxing but at the same requires your full attention and concentration. So it is perfect for business decision makers to take on so they can refuel their creative juices and ultimately benefit the company.

Here is how you shoot a recurve bow


You should always ensure that your legs are shoulder width apart. Your entire body should be turned perpendicular towards your desired target for accuracy. With your pulling hand, place an arrow on the rest, nock it on the string of the bow and then start lifting the bow.

Preparation for the shot

Next, lift the bow upwards to the right about the height of your shoulder and ensure your bow arm is as straight as it can be and make sure your elbow is locked in. This will help you pull the string back much easier and will cause less stress on your arms. Try not clinch the bow with your hand; instead, let the bow push itself against your hand and at the same time push the inside of your palm while you are pulling the string. Keep your shoulders down. Make sure your bow arm is not turned in a way that it will get hit as you let go of the string because it will be painful as it can break skin. The only thing turned to the target is your head while the rest of your body is perpendicular to it.

Draw the bow

After you have pulled the string all the way, make sure it has reached the end of your mouth. Your hand should be anchored anywhere around your jaw. Remember this spot because it will be your anchoring point and can help in precision. While you are pulling, practice using your back muscles instead of your arms, let it do the majority of the work because they are much stronger than your arm muscles.

Aim and release

Use your dominant eye when aiming and keep the other one closed, you do this because your dominant eye is obviously much reliable than the other. Once you are sure that you are precisely pointed at your target, let go of the string smoothly and gently. Do not jerk it back because it will shift the intended trajectory of the arrow. Also, do not move until your arrow hits the target because any movement can also affect the flight path of the arrow.

Keep on practicing these basics until you master the steps and make sure you stick to the initial plan which is refueling your creative juices so you can make decisions for your company. Archery is a fun and relaxing sport that can help you do exactly just that. If you’re a newbie to this sport, you should check out the bows for beginners. Read on reviews for different bow products as well.