Reconnecting with Your Primal Side: Shooting Game with a Crossbow

crossbowGoing back through time, scientists and researchers have proven that the primitive man used to hunt with spears, rocks, bows, and arrows, etc. It is a feat in itself that they survived with such basic tools when they were hunting bigger, wild animals. With that, they are credited with mankind’s survival through the ages until modernization rolled in, where most men forgot their roots and what is was like to live in those tougher days.

Good thing there are some who are still in touch with their primal side and wish to go back to basics in terms of hunting and shooting. So, if you wish to do the same, getting into archery and shooting crossbows will be a good activity to do.

Remember that most crossbows nowadays have the same loading and cocking steps. So if you go through these steps, you can pretty much load and cock any crossbow safely.

  • First you have to place the bow’s stirrup right on the ground.
  • Put your dominant foot through the stirrup and make sure you step on it firmly. Make sure that your foot is all the way through the stirrup because this will give you leverage while pulling and will stop your bow from slipping while you are drawing the string.
  • Make sure you grab both sides of the string with both of your hands. Start pulling upwards towards you. Do not forget to apply the same amount of strength on both hands. If you fail to pull evenly, meaning one side is stronger than the other, your string will become misaligned. This will cause your accuracy to be inaccurate and misaligned as well. If you are having trouble pulling the string, you can look into buying a cocking aid, either elastic straps or cranks. This will make cocking much easier for you.
  • Pull the string all the way, and you will know that the bow is cocked when you hear a loud clicking sound. Remember not to let go of the string until you hear this.
  • Now you can place the bolt on the groove of the bow, make certain that the end of the bolt is directly touching the string. You can also see that one of the feathers or fletchings of the bolt is colored differently than the others, it is to mark which fletching should be on the groove itself.

Now you have a bow locked and loaded. But remember this if you are a beginner, crossbows are real weapons and not toys. These weapons are used to hunt large animals and can seriously injure or even kill a person. Just think about this; never point this weapon to anyone or anything that you do not intend on shooting.

Also, make sure that none of your body parts are on the path of the bow or its limbs. Upon pressing the trigger, these parts will move very quickly and can seriously injure you or anyone around these parts. So watch out! If you’re looking for a good brand to start with, TenPoint products are great to start with.