The Juicer Phenomenon

bestjuicergalOver the past few years more and more people are looking into other means of getting healthy. Getting healthy is a big thing these days, after all. The saying “you are what you eat” has never been truer than it is today. That is why people purchasing vitamins, food supplements and other “healthy” foods and beverages are increasing. It is like a health revolution, to say the least because people of all ages are getting into it.

So, having that in mind, this takes us to this phenomenon about juicers where the demand for these machines is growing at a steady pace. This is because juicing brings in a lot of good things for the body and if you haven’t read about it yet, here are the benefits of juicing, the real reason behind this juicer phenomenon.

It makes you consume more fruits and vegetables – if you include juicing a part of your daily diet, then you would end up consuming more fruits and vegetables compared to when you eat them whole. Juicing makes it easier for you to get that daily dose of fruits and vegetables that you need. Think about this, juicing a few stalks of celery, a bunch of spinach leaves and an apple. Consuming that in one sitting can be a huge task for some of us. But turning that into juice or a smoothie, you get the same ingredients and benefits, but you can down it in on a few gulps. No hassle!

Digestion is much easier – if you juice a fruit or vegetable, you still get their vitamins and minerals but in liquid form. This saves your body the energy and time to break the solids down and get the nutrients. Instead, you go straight to absorption of the nutrients.

Juicing gives you more energy – this comes as no surprise because by juicing fruits and vegetables, which are full in vitamins and nutrients, you get a quick boost of energy during the morning. These foods do not have “phony” energy like what you would get from caffeine and sugar. Also, fruits and vegetables have antioxidants which will minimize the quantity of oxidative stress your body accumulates and will keep you fueled without the worry or problem of crashing later on. You just keep on going and going.

Detoxification of the body – juicing has detoxing capabilities. Well, because it has been known that these foods do an amazing job supplying the human body of the nutrients it needs to naturally get rid itself of unwanted waste material. Supplying the body with ample nutrients is also included in any good detoxing program. While ridding the body of the waste, juicing gives the body the right nutrients. This is why buying juicers and leading a juicing lifestyle has become big time over the past few years.